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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Am reali disappointed with some human beings. Some more is someone ever so dear to me.

He has nv chat with me for the past 2yrs whenever i am on FB or MSN. Surprisingly he chat with me today and this sudden chat was just to do my business. Not even a words of concern on what happen to my grandpa. Just a simple condolences word is good enuff.
Not that i need it but pple on FB wld haf noe and not very close fren haf msg to send their condolences. But not from this 2 brothers,a total of 13 years, I'm utterly disappointed. Shall not let this knid of human beings to spoil my mood.

YeYe i am still missing you dearly, I belief the rest feel the same as well. Next Tue is MaMa birthday, I know you will love for us to celebrate it with her even it is less den 49days. I ady told dad we will get her her favourite cake. And I just only get to know why all cousin haf e same favourite cake=)
Loving you always....

Lost Soul-Sign Off @ 9:38 PM ('_')

Monday, November 28, 2011

I am missing you.

Though i am still seeing you day and night but u no longer joke, scold, smile or tok to us. I ever make my promise to let you witness my marriage but I failed. Trust me one last time, I will let your beautiful women to witness it behalf of you. I swear I will...

Never to worry abt your love and us, we will always love her as much as you do and take good care of her and ourself.

Rest in peace yeye... ...

Lost Soul-Sign Off @ 1:32 AM ('_')

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I reali need a shoulder and a hug to allow me to break down.

I can't take it anymore

Lost Soul-Sign Off @ 10:42 AM ('_')

Saturday, November 26, 2011

God please give him the strength and let him be stronger....

Happy Birthday YeYe!!!! We all love u, hang in there as long as you can. We will all b by yr side

Lost Soul-Sign Off @ 10:07 AM ('_')

First Xmas present of 2011
Saturday, October 29, 2011

Woohoo receive my very first Xmas present of this yr at my door step at 10am....

My second collection of MiuMiu wallet


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Friday, October 28, 2011

Since I am back from Australia, I have not been visiting my own blog and just feeling blogging today.

For the past 4months, lots of things happen and changes. Attended a few wedding w Bee and also change of job again, ya again...haha... And I haf 2 marvelous news to share. First of all was, Sheng has finally tied a knot with Joyce. I am so happy for this brother of mine, thought we all have our own life and seldom meet up but we still have each other at heart.

And the second things is after 2yrs of being lyk a stranger, my beloved cousin n I haf patch things back. Is reali a gd news I feel, I believed the entire families and even our frens surround us are happy for us.=)

But of coz life there are always ups and downs. Recently grandpa haf frequent in to TTS, I believed everyone are very worried. But this is life, when pple age they tend to always fall sick. We should actuali be bless that grandpa is ady 100yr old this year. Hope this yr celebration will chase away all the stupid virus from him. Bless you yeayea!!!

Ok I shall end of w a happy note.....I have gt my iphone 4s, fast right...All thanks to cousin asher to book for me and Bee for collecting.... Off to explore!

Lost Soul-Sign Off @ 11:39 PM ('_')

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's been a long time since mi n Bee did our shopping in town... We had a 6hours of non stop walking from one end to e other end..Bee hand was full of shopping bags n e onli things belong to mi was cold storage plastic bag. You will not b interested in what is inside.. I'm reali sad tat I din get any clothes. I try more den 20 clothes but all r too big even it is an extra small:(

But still I'm very happy tat Bee did a lot of shopping today. And I lyk all his buy:)

One and a half day more to our holiday..Checklist all ticked woohoo!!!

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